Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fishing, Birds, and Corn

Harvey and Kris went fishing today. Got them out of my hair so that I could bake bread and make Harv's pie (more about that tomorrow). I also got to have a quiet day weeding the garden, and doing other such tasks.

This is the area on Rafferty Dam that they love to fish in.

 Nice and quiet, perfect for my two men to bond.

After a very long time of not catching anything, some lovely Walleye to add to the freezer.

I was informed that they would have fished longer, but the heat (it was 36 C here today) got to them. Oh well at least we have some lovely fresh fish residing in the freezer.

When the boys arrived home they decided to sit on the deck with a cool drink. I had been talking about a poor little robin that seemed unable to fly very far. Kris searched through the garden until he found it.

Poor thing was scared silly. Kris waited a few moments and threw it in the air. Guess what? The little thing flew away, well at least into the next yard.

Kris was impressed with the height of our corn. He just had to get a picture of him standing beside our one row.

Kris is close to 6 feet tall so the corn towering above him must be almost 9 feet. Darn, Harvey is going to win our bet!!

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I LOVE getting the house to myself for a few hours...
    I, too, am impressed with your corn...and it's gonna be so goood.