Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jamming It

I managed to actually get some cherries this year (hopefully more to come). Last year was not a good one with only a very few appearing. The year before was awesome, but one morning I woke up to a denuded tree. The robins got them all before I could pick what I would have liked (you think the greedy things would have left a few). This year, probably because the pickings were so slim the majority of the robins have not flocked to fill their greedy gullets.

So this morning I headed out early and managed to pick quite a few.

A large square tupperware type container almost full!!!

What to do with my harvest?

I decided to make some jam.

The prepared fruit, sugar and pectin boiling away in my old dutch oven. I have had this pot since we were first married and just cannot seem to give it up.

The finished product. I would like to know one thing however. The recipe says I would get 6 full jars. Hmm, I only count 5 full jars and a partial jar.  Oh well, I have enough cherries left to make another batch tomorrow.

Summers richness to have during the cold of winter.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I love your jam pan. I'd love one but I just don't make enough to justify giving it cupboard space.