Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Ramblings

My energy level has been at an all time low this past week. It has been so hot and humid that going outside is a chore and once in I just want to sit and cool off. I am sure hoping that the upcoming week brings a change.

Today we had Bishop Jim Weisgerber once again as our priest presider. He is Father Brian's cousin and likes to fill in once in awhile. I guess he is finding retirement a bit draining and he needs to get busy once again.

Today is the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time and since the church was so hot Bishop Jim kept his homily very short. He mostly spoke about prophesy and how we as Catholics draw back from that. His explanation of another meaning of the word makes sense. He said we could think of the word as meaning "explaining the word of the Lord." This is something we as the Body of Christ need to do more of. I know that when the Jehovah Witnesses pay us their monthly call (I just can not shut the door in their face) I find myself explaining my faith to them. This has lead to some excellent discussions and I think that I have made some headway in having them realize that 2000 years of Catholic teachings means something. They have also come to realize that I and Harvey are very strong in our faith and they have no chance of converting us.

Today, I did get a bit of energy and chopped up all the rhubarb I picked a few days ago.

From this rather large bowl of cut up rhubarb I have made 4 rhubarb sponge pies. They are in the oven right now, well three of them are, the fourth will be put in once the three are baked. I still have lots left, so I will be making a cake to freeze and perhaps some muffins. Still lots to pick and freeze for winter use.

While I was chopping rhubarb, Harvey came upstairs and said we were under a Tornado Watch.....

I went outside and snapped this picture.

You can see that the sky is fairly dark, in actuality the sky was just black. Nothing really came from it, but all the backyard and side yard was packed up so that the wind (which had come up considerably) could not throw things around. We did get a tiny bit of rain however.

My datura is blooming. I love the flowers and hope to save some seed pods this year.

This is just one of the many blossoms that appeared tonight. This is actually the first day we have had more than one blossom at a time. No scent but lovely big trumpet shaped flowers that look absolutely beautiful while they last.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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