Saturday, October 18, 2014

At Last

Well we made it!

Harvey and I can not say enough about how wonderful Fountain Tire in Drumheller is. They were so busy and yet the ladies and gentlemen squeezed us in. They could not fix the tire and had not a new one for us to buy.... What to do! They searched their old used stock and found one in good shape and that is what we are driving on now. Truth be told it looks to be in as good of shape as the one we lost (if not better).

So we were on the road before lunch.

Now you would think as old as we are we would know that road signs often do not give the whole story and would have turned on our GPS before we reached Calgary, but no relying on sight alone we managed to miss our turn off and become embroiled in the downtown traffic. Once we finally got the GPS out and going we made our way out of the city and enjoyed the countryside once again.

However that was not the end of our adventure as GPS directions are not always correct either. Following the directions given we ended up taking the back way to the lodge. Quite okay as we had lots of beautiful scenery. Not okay as the road is supposedly closed at the end of summer...... I can see why as it could be very dangerous in the winter.

Lots of photos to share with all of you when we get back including some wildlife.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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