Saturday, October 25, 2014


The last few days I have really felt like doing very little at all. Seems as if with the change in the number of daylight hours we are receiving, my productivity has gone down in proportion. I am hoping that part of the reason is because I did not do up a to do list, thereby making it seem as if I have nothing at all to do.

I did go for a walk this morning and once home admired our new backyard gate.

Harvey made it to more or less match the one he made on the side of the house earlier this summer. I feel a bit more closed in once again and this does make the yard seem a bit more private.

As I turned, the cherry trees caught my eyes. They have finally turned colour and it is such a pretty colour. I just had to snap a photo.

A beautiful orange yellow, with a bit of gold added in.

In order for me to feel like I accomplished something today, I worked on my cross stitch. Here is an update.

Slowly but surely I am seeing big changes. Mind you right now I am working on the flower bands which mean changing my threads way more than usual. I have also noticed that these take much longer to get done with a greater chance of making an error. Don't think I will be finished this at the end of this month.

I also picked out three of the five dress patterns to sew once some of my other projects are done. I even found fabric in my stash that should work with each.

I plan on making the long sleeved version of this one out of this blue flowered challis.

The long sleeved version of this pattern will be made in this medium weight cotton blend.

The knee length version will be made out of this printed cord fabric. I would love to make the longer version, but just do not have enough fabric in my stash to make it..... Perhaps when I buy the fusible interfacing I will check and see if there is anything suitable on sale at Fabricland.

I am trying to update my wardrobe without spending much at all and using up some of my fabric stash before Harvey decides I really am a hoarder.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Ron already says I'm a hoarder, lol. I tell him that is just the "status quo" for quilters, lol. I would think it would also be the "status guo" for sewists!

  2. It's great that you have the patterns and fabric already on hand. All look lovely, particularly the blue challis which I love.