Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Happenings

Well today is almost over and I am so thankful that it is.

I did not get to do anything I really enjoy (other then attend Mass), but I am sure I will set aside some time to do things that make me happy tomorrow or I will be one grouchy person by the end of the day.

The day started off wonderfully. Mass was well attended, and I sang my heart out (it is the only place I am allowed to sing, Harvey doesn't like me singing in the car if he is with me). Such an uplifting homily by Father Brian. He spoke about what love looks like and it really made me think. I hope that I show love each and everyday to everyone I meet.

Then it was home where Harvey made us a great brunch of bacon, toast and eggs. Yummy. Even though I did have to do the dishes at least I did not have to cook.

Then came the less lovely things. I had to attend a meeting about 30 miles away. Said meeting started at 2:30 and I was hoping to be home by 4. Needless to say I was not home until almost 5:30 and had to phone Harv to put on the potatoes and carrots as well. Supper was rushed, I had to return phone calls that came in while I was gone, and do the supper clean up.

I also got another job for myself at the meeting (actually two jobs). One when we were talking about Prayer Vigils (these are done the night before a funeral, some know them better as Prayer Services) I mistakenly mentioned that I had been trained by the gentleman who does most of these a few years back.... Guess who will now be doing some of these. Yep me. How do you say no to your pastor when he asks if he can add you to the list. The second job I picked up is writing something for our bulletin in regards to a workshop for this and Sunday Liturgy of the Word trainings. Oops forgot I actually have a third job and that is to get a hold of our Diocesan Social Justice person and give him some information on the Sisters of Life based out of New York.

Hmmm, am I feeling the love from my fellow council members as of yet. More to the point, perhaps I should learn to keep my head down.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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