Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rest In Peace Cpl Nathan Cirillo

This picture is taken from the CBC news site.

Today will go down as a day where all of Canada mourns the loss of a second soldier due to terrorist attacks.

I spent most of today glued to the television watching the news, much like the rest of my country. We have been so insulated, never thinking for a moment that these attacks would happen on our soil. After all we are one of the most peaceful, law abiding countries in the world. We accept all with open arms (after learning by our treatment of the Chinese earlier in the 1900's) and welcome them to our country. Things like this just do not happen here!

Well, we were wrong! Hatred has reached our shores and we are forever changed. Not changed for the worst I hope, but changed in a way that will make us stronger.

The two soldiers who lost their lives over the past few days should not have lost their lives in vain. As Canadians we need to stand tall and let those that want to take us down realize that it will not be an easy task. We will not panic and run with our tails between our legs, we will not hide, we will not forget, and we will be vigilant.

God bless Canada.

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  1. I was sorry to hear of the events that occurred in Canada yesterday. It must have been very shocking for you as a nation, it being the first attack on your shores. Very sad for the families of those injured and killed. My thoughts are with them.