Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Updates

Slowly but surely I am making head way on my projects.

Today I subbed at one of the schools and I have noticed that I am in a great deal of pain on those days, so I decided that it might be a great idea if on those days I just had some regular knitting to do. I started this cowl when we drove for our little get away to the spa (after all a person does need something to occupy their hands whilst on longer journeys). So I plan on pulling this out on those days when I am supposed to sew the cord onto my rug project and my back and hips just are not up to the job.

It will keep me on my toes on these types of days.

I can also do a bit of stitching on my angel cross stitch on those days. Once the sun disappears I have to put it away though. Here is how this project is coming along.

Every little bit helps this project along.

This month is also the birthday month for our two sons. Kurt is born on the 17th of the month and Kris almost exactly 5 years later on the 16th of the month. Since both of them come home on the Thanksgiving weekend (which is usually the week the two of them entered the world) we always have their gifts ready for them.

Today I spent a bit of time wrapping them.

If you notice both boxes are exactly the same. This year they both get the same gift. Harvey figured they needed good cordless drills so that it what he picked up for them at Canadian Tire along with some quality drill bits.

Please excuse the pile of books in my basket. Most of these will slowly disappear over the winter. I just like having them handy.

For the three of you that won the bloggy give away, I mailed your parcels off on Tuesday. Enjoy, just let me know when yours arrives.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Looking forward to receiving the package

  2. Wow, Jackie! I browsed back over your blog and BOY have I missed a lot! I need to be more consistent with checking are SUCH an inspiration to me!

    Your crafting is gorgeous, as usual. Your food is definitely inspiring to me. I need to get a LOT better at cooking daily. Last week I did try a recipe for Maple Salmon from allrecipes. Oh my goodness it was wonderful! We need to eat more fish to get more Omega 3 into our bodies!

  3. Jackie,

    I am watching the mailbox and will let you know as soon as it gets her!

    Thank you :-)