Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally Finished

I had been working on a sweater for Harvey for Christmas for over a month. I never did get it finished in time for Christmas Day, but I did finish it yesterday.

I loved the pattern and the yarn, it just took a bit longer than expected what with working full time, baking and keeping house.

He did love it when he found the sweater laying on the bed. He had to try it on right away.

Now that I know how long this pattern takes I am sure I would be more than willing to make one for Kurt and one for Kris. This sweater was made from Beehive Astra and they have lots of colours to choose from.

Off to visit you all.

Everyone have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. Jackie that is so beautiful!! The detail is amazing. Your are so talented my friend. I love the color it's a good color.

  2. Gray goes with just about anything so that is why I picked it for him. Also it seems to stay clean longer and for him that is a must.

    God Bless.

  3. It is beautiful. Knitting is not a craft/skill that I have ever gotten a chance to learn.

  4. Jackie, this is a gorgeous sweater...I love the cable design and gray is a favorite color of mine. I bet Harvey is very proud of you and handsome in his sweater...hugs, Linda

  5. Well, let's call it an anniversary present, LOL!
    It is a beautiful sweater, and I'm sure the boys will enjoy theirs when you make them.

  6. Jackie, what a beautiful sweater and I'm sure your hubby would say it was well worth the wait. You are a true Artist!

  7. Well, Im a week late visiting, but wow, what a beautiful sweater. Gives me hope that someday I will be beyond my stockinette and knit stitch straight scarves!!!!!!

  8. I love this sweater you made for Harvey. Wow! You could definitely sell some like that on etsy. So beautiful!

    All the best, Maggie