Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Bliss

It is early Sunday morning and not a creature is stirring in the house. Even the birds singing outside the windows does not wake up our cat. I so love mornings like this.

Yesterday instead of sewing I spent time getting my planting done. Think I will share with you all my garden adventures from yesterday. Nothing better than playing in the dirt.

First off a piture of my just weeded Hosta bed and a few of my yearly visitors.

I do love the pale green almost yellow colour of this one.

This one gets absolutely huge!!! I so enjoy watching it get bigger every year.

After church today it will be off for more garden adventures. We are very late getting everything in this year. The weather has been rainy or snowy this spring and now that we have this small window of opportunity the vegetable garden, weeding, and flower planting must be accomplished. I will share some more adventures with all of you later.

God bless.


  1. Hey Jackie,
    That was a long blogging break you took...sometimes I am just not in the mood to post anything but I will get to wondering what all of you are up to and then I'll have to catch up...Have you been reading our entries during this time.
    Anyway, it sure was nice to hear from you.
    Mama Bear

  2. Hi Jackie,
    So happy to see you posting.
    Weeding?? what is that?!?!?
    We have had so much rain it is all we can do to cut the grass between showers!!
    Hope all is well
    I am slowly catching up!
    Replaced my camera recently and should have some pictures to share soon.

  3. It is nice to be blogging a bit again everyone. I hope to keep up a bit better this next year.