Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Monthly Goals

A new month and some new goals.... Well at least two new goals and a continuation of a goal for this month.

Goal #1

I am going to start organizing my recipes again. This time I am going to go through some of my magazines and copy the recipes that I am likely to try.

 It isn't a large stack of magazines, but they do need to be looked through and then recycled once I have the recipes copied. Decluttering them to the church (my office to kind of make it a bit more homey or perhaps to one of the schools).

Goal # 2

I need to declutter some of the fabric I seem to collect (can not turn down a good deal on fabric, after all it will always be used). I picked two patterns from my stash and some material and plan on getting these two items sewn by the end of the month.

I plan on using up the remaining fabric from a dress pattern to make an unlined jacket to use with the dress. I also have a lovely knit fabric that just screams spring that I am going to make the dress out of. I have a funny feeling there will be a bit of knit fabric left to use in another project later.

Goal # 3

This is the continuing project. Hopefully it will be done in time to start the continuing cross stitch projects.

 As all of you know I am working on a rug for my dining room. These are the next two balls of leftover yarn that I hope to get used on the project this month. I managed to finish the sage green ball today and add the cream, so things are moving along.

Now don't let this picture of what seems like a beautiful, sunny day fool you. Yes it is sunny, but it is not beautiful. We are under a severe wind chill advisory right now. The temperature when this photo was taken this morning was -33 C with a wind chill that made it feel like -55 C. Not nice out at all. Just what us prairie dwellers want, temperatures that can freeze flesh within 10 minutes.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. You Poor Things! I would die if I had to face those kinds of temperatures! I'm freaking out over 8 degrees F! Your rug is looking lovely and I can't wait to see your new clothing. That is something I really need to! Take care!