Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

Today has been a very busy day.

Starting off with Mass and a wonderful homily by Father Brian as usual. He always gives us so much to think about.

Then it was home to a quick lunch and back to the church offices to give a catch up class for RCIA. I also found two more registrations for Dogmatic Theology, looks as if we will be moving to another venue whether I want to or not. This means a bit more work for me, but that is okay. I do hope that everyone gets along with each other during the class though.

Add in to this getting a bit of work done around the house and my day was full. I did not get to do any sewing today, but there is always tomorrow and the next day.

I said I would share a few pictures of my deals from yesterday so here goes.

One of the stores we visited was Micheal's. I just love going there as I find new kinds of yarn every time I go.

The black yarn in the front is a ruffle type yarn. The cool thing is that it has some animal print fabric added to it. I am hoping to get started knitting on this very soon.

The goldy brown yarn and the variegated brown yarn is going to be used in a Christmas gift for this coming year. Kris would like a rug for his living room and that is what it will be used for.

I also found some green and gold ruffle yarn, a cookie scoop, a roll of clear wrap for baskets, and a silicone bunny pan. Everything was bought on sale at a greatly reduced price.

Next I visited Fabricland.

I managed to find some fabric at great deals. Two pieces were at 70% off and the other was at 50% off. The thread for both sewing and my embroidery machine were bought at 30% off and the other items were at 20% off. I could have bought some serger thread at a greatly reduced price but I don't really need any right now.

I am hoping that we can get back to Regina in another 2 months as I would like to find some of the fabric I could not find this month. This time I am going to be looking for more spring and summer type fabrics.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. GREAT SCORE! I can't wait to see what you make with it all!