Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

The days are flying past and I don't know where they are going. Lent will be upon us in a very few days and then the highlight of Easter!!! Where oh where do the days go. While I am still loving the longer periods in a day of sunshine, I am wondering when spring will arrive in all its glory. Our temperatures over the past week have been horrendous. Cold and more cold, sure hope that changes very soon.

I spent some time in my sewing/craft room today cutting out patterns and plan to cut a few nice skirts out as well. I know I only planned on doing two sewing projects, but I am afraid my ever expanding body needs some new clothes. I am adding some skirts, a dress and another jacket or two to the mix. They are very simple patterns and should take no time to sew as long as I am keeping my mind on what I am doing. This summer I plan on wearing more dresses and skirts as shorts just don't cut it sometimes.

I do wish that my sewing room was slightly bigger, however I will make do with what I have. It sure beats bringing everything to the dining room table!!!

This coming weekend we will be traveling to Regina both to visit Kris and stock up on items we can not find here (like fabric and a good selection of yarn). I am hoping to get some great deals at Fabricland and restock what I have used up over the winter. Not that I really need to stock up, but I would like some new colours and fabric to work with. Perhaps even take up a new craft!

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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