Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally A Breather

Wow, it has been a busy week or two here in the Phillips house. Three weeks ago my washer broke down and I had to shop for a new one. After hearing so much about front loaders and the savings involved I ordered one and it arrived on Wednesday.Here is a picture of my new toy. I love how quickly I can get my washing done now and believe me 3 weeks of washing in one day is no mean feat. I just can't believe how little water these machines use.

Then of course the garden produce has started to come in with a vengence.

I spent 5 hours one afternoon boiling beets and getting them sliced and in the freezer. They are finished now and boy am I glad. I didn't have to pickle any as last year I made enough to last two years.

Of course at the same time I was trying to keep up with the beans. I did manage it with just a little hair pulling.

The cherries got ripe and so it was on to making cherry jam.

Then my sister in law called and said the chokecherries were ripe and it was time to pick them. Chokecherry jelly was next on my list of preserves.

Today a friend dropped off about 5 quarts of blueberries. What is a girl supposed to do! Of course! Make jam and freeze the rest.
All done now thank heavens.
Tomorrow it will be beans again and more than likely more cucumbers and perhaps a green pepper or two.

Well off to visit you all. Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I love to put up things for the winter. Your jams and jellies sound so yummy...hugs...m.

  2. OH Jackie, how I wish I lived closer, I would love to can with you. You have been busy my friend. You will have to let me know if you notice a difference in your water bill. We were given a new washer this last month it is an Energy efficient one. But my water bill was the same. I called the water company to ask why and she said that 75 % of my water bill is from outside. Thank-you for your concern about me. I'm not real sure why I don't blog like I use to. Half is because Wayne works later now so our mornings are drinking coffee together, as of before I would blog in the morning because he was at work at 4:00am.
    Take care of yourself and tell Harvey we said hello.

  3. Hi Jackie.
    Thanks for stopping by...It's always nice to see friends visiting..
    I haven't been too active all summer,but I think my muse is back..I see you have been soooooo busy since I was here last!
    All your work will be so worth it in the winter...
    I missed doing strawberries this year... darn! also blueberries, but I hope to do beets before they are done....
    I was trying to grow zuccinni but the rabbits won't let me!!! VBG\
    Well. time to get dressed...

  4. BTW Jackie,I can understand how much you are enjoying your new washer.....
    Even tho my washer and dryer were still working, DH insisted on new energy saving ones... I am like you.. I LOVE my front loader washer, and it is so gentle on the clothes.It sure doesn't use much water as I too have come to realize...
    Sure is a difference from years ago(Wringers!!!! You probably don't remember those!! but I do!!!!)VBG

  5. Congratulations on your new washer! We've been thinking about a frontloader for the next one. By the looks of things, you'll be having some delicious things to eat this winter and probably saving yourself a fortune at the grocery store.