Thursday, August 27, 2009

Long Days

First off a couple of photo's of my new classroom. It is such a different atmosphere this year. The room is neat and tidy, no clutter at all. The teacher is much more organized which helps a great deal with the students I am hired to help with.

The young student I was hired to work with initially will not be coming back for awhile if ever this year. It seems that he has gotten a bit violent over the last week and Mom is afraid that he may do something to one of the teachers or another student. They (parents, teachers and mental health) are trying to get him a placement in a special school in the capital. I really feel for all those involved as M is a real sweetie when not getting new meds or facing something new.

I am finding it difficult to get back into the swing of full time work and full time housekeeping. It seems as if I no sooner get home than it is time to start supper.

Tonight was something quick and easy, Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup and Egg Salad Sandwiches.
I think I may be pulling out the slow cooker very quickly this year.

The green beans are finished in the garden. I did up the last bags for the freezer last night. Now to just get through the yellow wax beans! I am hoping to pull and freeze the remaining carrots tomorrow.

Off to visit you all.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. Jackie,

    I'm so sorry that M is facing these problems. I wonder what kind of medication they have him on. Brandon was put on meds for his OCD and became violent, so Michelle took him off them. Right now he is having a lot of OCD episodes. In fact they are almost ongoing. That is because he is once again in transition and has trouble with change. It will take him about a month to settle in after he starts school on the 8th.

    Your classroom looks lovely. I like classrooms that are bright and colorful. I think it helps the students.

    It is difficult working full time and then being a full time housekeeper. The mushroom soup looks delicious.

    Love the sweater pattern below that you are making for your guys.

    Have a great day tomorrow and enjoy your weekend. Next week will undoubtedly be a long week, but you will soon be right back on track.


  2. Jackie, I'm sorry to hear about the boy you teach. I hope that you get another child that needs you.
    The soup looks great!
    Take care,

  3. I like your classroom!
    I'm sorry about M, though from everything you've written, it sounds like he may need some specialized help.

  4. Hi Jackie:-)

    I can well imagine how hard it is to get back into working full time! Classes start up on Sept. 1st over here so tomorrow is the last day of vacation for the children.

    What a shame M won't be coming back to school. I really do hate what some medications do...they can actually completely alter a person's character.

    I love cream of mushroom soup but I've never tried making my own before. Yours looks so delicious! When I go to Timmies for lunch and they have their mushroom soup available, I always have it:-)

    On Friday I did another picking of yellow beans and peas...still tons yet that aren't ready. Tomorrow it's back in there to pick more cucumbers and make more dill pickles. Why does everything have to be ready all at once? lol xoxo

  5. You'll be back to the full-time swing of things in no time! Your room looks so colorful and cheerful.

    Hmmm. Egg salad sandwiches. That sounds good. Good lunch idea for tomorrow.