Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Things are finally back to as normal as they get in the Phillips' household. The boys are back in their respective abodes and I once again have the computer to myself....Well except when Harvey takes it over.

Kurt brought us gifts back from his trip this summer. He brought his dad a pen and ink drawing of some of the bridges in Prague. We have to find the perfect frame for it.

Mine came from Romania and I am going to do a bit of work on it.

This handmade runner is going to become a wall hanging for a corner of our living room. I held it up against the wall and it doesn't look half bad.

The best gift of all though was having my family together under one roof for a weekend. I miss our sons so very much.

The other gift arrived overnight and was not received with open arms.

Snow!!!! It has been snowing all day and I am pretty sure it snowed most of the night. The roads were terrible this morning, but by the time I came home the roads were wet and slushy. I can just imagine the skating rinks that I will have to negotiate tomorrow morning on the way to work. Have I ever mentioned the one and only thing I really hate about winter is the ice?

Well off to visit everyone.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Don't you love it when they give you back your computer, Jackie? LOL

    I love you other gift. I hate to be cold, but as long as I can be insideand enjoy the beauty from a warm perspective, I LOVE snow.

    Thank you so much for all your faithful visits to my blog.


  2. Jackie,

    I absolutely LOVE the runner, but am sure that Harvey's pen and ink drawing will be beautiful when it's framed. Don't forget to post photos.

    I'm so glad that your boys could be home. I'm sure you were delighted.

    Please keep the snow in Saskatchewan. LOL We don't need it here. We saw on the news that you had snow but I detest ice. Snow is one thing but ice is downright dangerous. Be safe and drive careful.


  3. So many gifts~ truly a blessing especially when a family is all under one roof~ The runner is going to be beautiful hung in your living room!

    Life is getting somewhat less hectic and I hope to visit more~ it's alway soooo nice to hear from you.


  4. Beautiful runner! How nice to have your family all together. I know how great that is since my son lives 2000 miles away from me.

    Snow! Say it isn't so! I wish that was a picture from last year.

  5. Jackie,
    The runner is beautiful, what a great idea to hang it on the wall. I have never driven on ice before, I'm sure it's not a fun task. I will keep you and Harvey in my prayers this winter so you both will be safe.
    Stay warm,

  6. The snow on the tree is so pretty.. I sometimes miss the snow until I hear about driving in it~not fun!

    Your table runner is gorgeous! I love the fabric you used.

    So glad your family is all back together.


  7. The runner is lovely. I'm glad you're going to find a way to display it ... so often these things get put in a drawer and never seen again.

    As for the snow ... I'll let you keep that ;) Hoping you have a safe trip to work!