Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sickness Has Hit The Phillips'

I spent a great deal of this week trying to contact our youngest son, Kris. Harvey had some tickets for the football game on Saturday and this is something both of them enjoy a great deal. You could say that this is their bonding time.

I started phoning and leaving messages on Tuesday and as the days passed without hearing from him, I got more and more concerned. You see the flu has hit the school where I work and all I could think was that my baby was in trouble and needed me.

He finally phoned back late Thursday night. He sounded horrible!!! I explained why I had been calling, and he said he would phone back the next day with an update on his condition. Well, he did call on Friday and while he was feeling better.....still not well enough to go to the game with his Dad.

Today when I talked to him he was feeling more like his old self, still a bit weak as he couldn't keep anything down for awhile, but at least he was sounding healthier.

I did find out that he does not have a thermometer or much else in the way of first aid supplies in his apartment. I think I just figured out another gift for both our sons. A well stocked first aid kit, and the first thing I am buying for them is a thermometer!

I am hoping that I don't catch anything, but the school is hard hit. Some classes are missing over half their students....ours only lost 5.

Well off to visit you all now.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Jackie,

    I'm sorry that Kris had the flu. We had it last week. Brandon, Jordan their parents and I were all victims, though I didn't have it as bad as the rest of them. However, I was on antibiotics for sinus infection and that may have helped keep it at bay.

    Here in Ontario if there is a certain percentage of students absent, the school is to be closed. I don't think it's being followed though.

    It's important for your sons to have a well-stocked first aid kit in their possession and it would make a great gift. I will keep that in mind when Brandon and Jordan go out on their own.

    We have had rainy, windy days, but no snow...a couple of frosts but nothing to speak of, thank goodness. I enjoy the mums in the fall.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy your week.

  2. Girl I know what you mean about worrying. Im thankful we have none had it,but with all I have been through I don't think I could.
    I hope you stay well and I do think of you often.

  3. Great idea for a Christmas gift, a first aid kit! As a mom of a son who lives 2000 miles away, I know how hard it is for you when your "baby" is sick. Remember the days when you could crawl into bed with them, snuggle them, and hoped that maybe you were able to comfort them a little? Sometimes don't we all miss the days when they were little?

    You stay healthy! There's a lot of stuff going around.

  4. Jakie I'm so sorry to hear that your son was so sick. To pass up a football game with Harvey he must of been pretty bad. I think the gift idea is such a great idea! It like a gift of love and concern. All the things that us mothers have and always will. I hope that you stay healthy during this flu season.
    God Bless,

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm sorry to hear that he was so under the weather. Glad he's feeling a bit better.

    I think that's a wonderful gift idea! My favorite kinds of gifts to give and receive are the practical ones =)

    I know exactly what you mean -- our school has been hard hit with illness, too. Several days we had over 90 students out ill!

    Take care Jackie.

  6. Hope Kris is feeling better soon. This stuff is nothing to mess with!
    I think the first aid kit is a great idea ... you may have given me an idea for my DN!

  7. I think giving your boys a well stocked first aid kit for Christmas is a brilliant idea. It's something I should think about for my own boys as I don't think they own a thermometer either. I do hope Kris is back on his feet now and that you don't catch that flu!! It's really going around here but touch wood, so far it's kept away from me. xoxo