Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Christmas Project

Every year I try and make most of my gifts for Christmas giving. Sometimes I even succeed, sometimes I don't.

My first set of gifts are completed. Each of my brother's daughters will be getting 3 pairs of mittens. If I have time after my other sewing projects I found a lovely hat project that I may make an ear flap hat for each of them as well.

Tonight I will cast on the stitches for the first of two rugs that I am making for Kurt and Kris.

Here are some pictures of the eclipse last night. They did not turn out very well, but I will share them with all of you anyways.

The beginning of the eclipse. Notice how the clouds are moving in.

That tiny little dot above the eaves is all I could see of the eclipse. You can see however that the moon is now no longer silver but reddish.

A friend of my cousin took this one. Sure wish we could have seen it this clearly.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Your photos of the eclipse are very good. Far better than I could muster. I love the mittens. You do well to make so many gifts.

  2. These are cute mittens...my mom used to make nearly all her gifts but I am not talented in crafts of any kind...so I have to buy them....bummer.
    I do, however, shop all year long for gifts for our 10 plus grands...gotta hit the sales when you have so many to buy for. :)
    and....I am almost finished shopping. YAY