Monday, May 1, 2023

Menu Monday


I am back, had a lovely time getting caught up on a few things, and getting the mittens totally finished (well the first 25 at any rate). I missed you all, but now the house is spring cleaned (except for the bathroom), I have gone through the freezers and am doing a use up what we have in the way of the bits and bobs, and planned a trip next weekend to visit with Kris. We will be taking "The Beast" (Harvey's truck) so as to bring up the big tiller and not smell up the car. I also plan on going and picking up the hardware for Kris to put up a clothesline. 

Meals this week are going to be using things up that need using up. Lots of that in this house.


Turkey Shepherds Pie.... I will be using up the mixed veggies, 4 potatoes, some frozen turkey, some frozen gravy, and the last of a package of grated cheese.


Kind of a Tex-Mex meal that I made up to use up some garlic coil sausage, a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes, a can of black beans, some grated cheese, about 1 cup of frozen corn, a package of my own frozen tomatoes and some macaroni. Gave it a good shake of Tabasco as well. Served this on Sunday and Harvey even had two helpings.


This will be leftovers from Monday.


Smoked sausage done on the BBQ I hope, along with a marinated salad and biscuits. 

Friday and Saturday we will be gone so will pick up a meal to share on Friday, and cook whatever Kris has that needs using on Saturday.


Fish sticks, homemade fries, and brown beans.

So that's the plan and hopefully we can stick to it.

I will be stopping in to visit you all at some point tonight.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. Have a lovely visit

  2. Welcome back and well done for getting so much achieved. xx

  3. That all sounds really good, I need to get myself menu planning properly to use up the foods in my food cupboard and freezer in a much more logical way.
    You have inspired me, I'll be doing a Menu Plan Monday from next week ... or actually I might just start now a day late and write down what I already ate yesterday. Biting the bullet while the iron's hot, and many more mixed metaphors. ;-)

  4. I must try the Tex-Mex meal. I usually have all these ingredients on hand. Tonight I am making a hamburger as I just fancy one and haven't had one in ages!

  5. Gosh Jackie you did well to get all that spring cleaning done. I used to really enjoy spring cleaning but not so much now. I am using up bits from my fridge too as I am off to my Mum's again for a quick trip. Enjoy your trip up to see Kris. Take care Jackie xx

  6. Yum, it all sounds delicious and just like meals we would have here.