Sunday, September 14, 2008

Computer Problems Once Again

Okay I know that sometimes I am computer iliterate, but sheesh, first Hotmail does not recognize me and now Blogger has made me start a whole new blog due to being locked out of my old one. Now comes all the fun of setting up my layout once again and notifying everyone of where I am now located.

I need to leave for Mass in a few minutes so I will finish this post off later and start adding to my layout.

Talk to everyone later.

So now that I have my favorite Blogs back and running, it's time to notify all my blogging friends of my new home address. Hope this goes as smoothly (some how I doubt it as my computer keeps hiccuping and causing problems). So after I have visited you all today, please if I am on your blogroll update my link to this blog instead of the old one. I will still check in there for awhile, but I can not post to anyone from there. I will do more tweeking as the weeks go by, who knows I may actually get this blog exactly the way I want it.
Now on to more interesting topics.

This summer I have worked on a few things in the knitting and sewing departments. More in the knitting I am afraid. I do have a couple of tops cut out that I need to get at.

I made another neutral baby afghan for our oldest son Kurt to give to one of his teaching collegues.

I also made a new one for the back of our couch. Something nice and warm to wrap up in on those cold Saskatchewan winter nights.

This was one of the summer tops that I actually cut out and finished. Remember I said I had two more to finish up. I hope to be able to do them once the garden is harvested.

Here it looks kind of baggish, but it really turned out nice. I saw one similar to it in WalMart and they wanted $24.99 for it. I made this one for around $4.50 not including my time. Add that in and it cost me about $17.00 to make. So I saved quite a bit making it myself and had fun doing it too.
Well I am off to visit everyone.
Everybody have a wonderful afternoon. God bless.


  1. Hi, Jackie...of course you are still on my blog roll and I will change it as soon as you know your new address.
    So sorry you are having all this trouble.
    I love the summer top you cute. And the baby blanket is so precious.
    You do great work!
    love, bj

  2. I'm sorry to hear you lost your blog - you will have lots of fun setting up a new one :-) Your sewing/knitting projects are wonderful! What a lovely afghan for a lucky baby & such a kind gesture. And I love the fabric you chose for your summer top.

  3. Your top is so pretty! I wish I could be a bit more talented in sewing and knitting. Your new blog is so nice. I love the set up on it.Jackie, I have been away from Frugal living for so long and I know some things have changed but I have been thinking about going back. Do you still like it? I do miss it and it did keep me more in line of the way I need to be FRUGAL!! Take care and I am glad you got everything up and running.

  4. Sorry about your comp. problems. It is fine and i agree we can send our packages off first week next time.

  5. Jackie,

    I have updated my blogroll and am not able to access you new blog with a click of the mouse. Thanks for letting me know.

    I enjoyed seeing your projects. I especially like the top. It has such pretty colors and the baby's afghan is lovely. I'm sure Kurt's colleage will love it.

    Take care. I hope you are having better weather than we are. It's been raining the entire weekend except for a few hours earlier today. We've had a lot of rain here and the water table is back where it should be. It's been years since we've had so much and now it needs to stop so the farmers can get the harvest in.


  6. Jackie -

    Glad to see you blogging. Your blog is one of the three that I MUST check out every day!

  7. I know how you feel, I had to delete my old blog due to a hacker...good luck on a fresh start :)!