Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday's At My Place

At Mass today the priest talked about being good stewards of our time, talents and treasures. While I give of my time. talents and treasures to my church, I am afraid that sometimes I do not do the same in my home.

After much pondering I decided that it was time that I sat down and talked to God about what he needed me to do. I prayed long and hard about this and think that now I understand. I need to step back a bit more and let others take a leadership role in the Church, this will free up a bit more time at home to do the homey things I have been missing. Other people need to step forward and give of themselves if we are to have a vibrant, alive church and I need to step back and allow this to happen. I know it will be tough when I have always been so involved, but I do need to spend more time working on those other things that are important in my life. such as my marriage, my home and myself.
Later this afternoon, Harvey decided to bring in the garden. Or at least some of the garden so that he could till the empty spaces.

The first thing he brough in for me to get ready for the winter was the turnips. I cut them up and put them in bags. These are the last 5 bags of the 15 I did up. Should be able to have turnips for awhile this winter.

Next he brought in some of the green peppers for me. I did save 4 of the largest ones to use in the stir fry we had for supper, and as veggies for the rest of the week. The rest I cut and bagged for the freezer. They will sure taste good in stews and stir frys this winter.

Then it was on to ripe tomatoes. I did up 5 more bags to freeze for the winter. I will use these in tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce and soups. I am pretty sure that with the other 15 bags in the freezer I will only need another 20 to see us through the winter. Hopefully there will be enough left to make some juice with, but the way we have been eating BLT's I could be kidding myself.

I decided that it might be a good idea to dry some herbs, so my dehydrator got a work out today. I dried some more Chocolate Mint, moved on to the parsley, and the thyme got trimmed and dried as well. I still have oregano to dry, but I think my dehydrator needs a rest as much as I do.

Well off to visit with all of you. Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. We are a like Jacie I have Chocolate mint also. I just love the way it smells. Jackie I am so proud of you! You just made such a big decision in your life. I have had to make that same decision a while ago. I love to watch how the Lord work in your life. I wish I had a veggi garden! Maybe some day, I don't have to much sun in my back yard so I not to sure how they will strive.My apple tree is full of apples the birds are starting to eat them. I guess I should try to bake some and them frezze them. I love hearing about all your hard work that has paid off.Can you email me I have two of your emails and I'm not sure which one to use.
    God Bless My Friend,

  2. You have been hard at work and it must feel great to have your harvest stored away for winter!

  3. I love storing things for the winter, too! You're very smart in making these decisions. Sometimes it's hard to "take a back seat", but often needed. We're facing that right now in our church.
    I've just gone and stocked up on some unheard of chicken sales around here, so my freezer is getting geared up for winter, too!
    Have a blessed week!

  4. Thanks Jackie, I also will have yours off this week. I hope you didn't take me wrong about the post I made about Pea. You know I couldn't think of what she has showed so please just know I will be happy and it is exciting to be a partner with someone in another area.
    I was wondering is there anything from the great USA that you can't get there? I would love to see that you try things your not able to get.

  5. Hi have been busy. What a bountiful harvest and such wonderful produce you will be enjoying in the months to come.
    I like your exchange goodies. This looked like fun and a new one to me. Hugs, Linda

  6. Hey Jackie ,
    It looks like you folks have a very big garden.... I just have a strip where I plant tomatoes and peppers, and another space where i put in some peas and beans... I thought I would plant some scarlet runner beans along the fence. WELL... the rabbits enjoyed my peas and beans , found out about them not liking caayenne pepper too late!!! I thought the ones on the fence were safe..... NOT!! don't know what climbed up there but they ate all the new blossoms...Oh well I guess they were hungry too!!! hee hee
    Better go for now
    Take care..
    BTW I have recorede your new email addy and now have your new blog marked. Thanks.