Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Today we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The past week has seen me very busy at church. In the Catholic faith we start our Easter Celebrations on Holy Thursaday with the washing of the feet. Twelve people are chosen from the community to represent the twelve apostles and the priest reinacts Christs washing of their feet.

On Friday at 3 pm around the world Catholics gather to celebrate Good Friday. Here we venerate the Cross. While to non Christians around the world the cross is just a piece of wood to millions of Christians of all faiths it is a symbol of the agony that Christ underwent in order to fulfull God's plan.

Saturday night the church is dark, but magically comes alive with the light of hundreds of small flickering candles. On this Easter Vigil night, the priest blesses the fire we use to light the alter candles, lecturn candles, and of course the Easter Candle. He also blesses the water used for baptism that night (last night we had two adult baptisms, and confirmations as well). Finally after 40 days of Lent, we can once again sing Alleluia and the church rang with bells to celebrate that fact.

So between getting ready for all the services at church, the rush to get the children at school finished most of their work, and my busyness around the house I haven't made a post or visited anyone in awhile.

Both our boys are home, there was a bit of a scare that one of them would not be able to come and I will fill you all in on that in my next post (if I get up early enough I manage to get on the computer for a little while at least). I also hope to fill everyone in on other happenings around our little nest.

I will finish this off by wishing each and everyone of you a Joyous and Blessed Easter. Hope you all enjoy time with your families, and friends.

God bless.


  1. God Bless you my friend. What a beautiful week you must of had at church. I hope that you enjoy your boys while they are home. Have a Happy Easter and God Bless,

  2. I'm so happy that you will be able to enjoy your family! Treasure the moment. Have a Wonderful Easter!

  3. Easter blessings to you and your family, Jackie. Enjoy your time with your family!