Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Locked Myself In My Sewing Room

The weather wasn't the nicest over the last part of the Easter break, and so I decided to brighten my days with colourful fabrics.

I started these summer tops last Saturday and just put up the final hem yesterday evening.

I think they turned out very well and were so easy to make. Other than the hems the whole sewing spree lasted about 4 hours off and on throughout the weekend. These used up some fabric remnants that I have had for a few years. I am now planning to make a few more and use up those pieces of fabric that I picked up at rummage and garage sales. In fact I have one cut out and ready to start this Friday after work. Who knows I may even get another one ready to go! I had forgotten how much fun it is just to sew for me!

Off to visit you all now. Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. OH~~~ I love your new tops!! The colors are great for summer.
    I'm glad you had fun, and hope you get to sew some more.

  2. Jackie,

    Mom often makes me summer tops out of fabric remnants that she has left over. She's made me some pretty ones in the past. I'm not a sewer, but glad you are enjoying it.

    Our weather is wet and chilly. I wish spring would come. It's to warm up on the weekend. Wish the same for you.

  3. Hope your son loves the pizza. I love to sew just hate the mess and I don't have a room for it.

  4. It's about time you did something for yourself! You just reminded me that I still have to stitch the purse I promised I'd make my mom.

  5. Such pretty fabric! What a great way to use up remnants of fabric from other projects. Have a wonderful day Jackie. Thankyou for stopping by and leaving such nice comments :-)

  6. Jackie, your new tops are so pretty....I think my favorite is the floral one...hugs, Linda

  7. Oh .. I envy you being able to carve out some time to sew! The tops look lovely.
    Glad you stopped by .. hope you can enjoy the coffee!

  8. Hi Jackie---Oh how I could lock myself in a room of fabric with a sewing machine ready to go too!!!! I love love love fabric---a fabric store is like a candy store to me.

    Also- thank you for asking about my granddaughter's broken arm--the cast will be off next week--and it hasn't slowed her down (smile).