Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's On My Needles

We received news at the beginning of the week that one of our nephews and his wife just had a baby girl. I put aside my sewing to start knitting an afghan that was suitable for a new baby girl. So far it is moving right along, and as I watch television in the evening I just continue knitting away.

The strange thing is I have learned that 3 other nieces or nephews are expecting new additions to their families in the next 5 months. I think I am going to have a busy summer knitting, seems like I can never keep up with afghans lately for all the babies being born. I may have to find an easier and faster pattern to follow.

Off to visit with everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. Oh my you are going to be busy! The blanket looks beautiful~ and what could be better or cozier than a knitted baby blanket!


  2. Jackie,

    The afghan is lovely. I have made a lot of crocheted afghans for the babies in our family. You are going to be a busy lady, but the afghans will be well loved.

    Cool and rainy here today. Hope it's nicer in your corner of the country.

  3. OH~~~ How beautiful! Your so sweet to make so many blankets.
    Thank-you for the kind words and prayers that you and Harvey said for Wayne, and thank-you for such a special friendship.

  4. Oh, Jackie, that is such a beautiful afghan for the baby. What yarn did you use, what pattern, & what size needles. It's just lovely. I knitted a baby blanket for my newest grandson, but it is nowhere near as nice as yours. Mine are rather plain, but knitted with love.

    Maggie @ SquarePennies