Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Ramblings

The past few days have been a bit busy on the old homestead. I have frozen more tomatoes, started and left various lists that need to be accomplished before we leave on our vacation.

I have also subbed 2 days in our Catholic system which cut down on getting things accomplished. Oh well this next week should be jam packed!!!!

Our new priest was installed as our pastor today by the Archbishop so Mass was a bit longer than usual. It was nice to sit and watch the installation instead of taking part in it. I got more out of it this time around.

Lunch was served in the basement and it was a little disappointing that not many came down to share in the celebration. As a parish we are divided and not everyone takes part in the social aspects.

I left the church after the luncheon and walked out into a gentle rain. We have now gotten rain the last two days. While the grass and gardens needed it badly, I am sure the farmers are cursing the end of some wonderful harvest weather.

I finished the first baby afghan this week.

Blue and white so it is suitable for a boy. Trying to use up what I have and make room for new purchases in the future.

Now on my needles.....

This will be a pink and white one. Suitable for a girl of course. I know I won't finish it by the time we leave, but I am hoping to have a good start on it.

The next one will be suitable for either a girl or boy. Then I will need to start on my knitting for Christmas. Found a lovely portable pattern and want to make one for both Kurt and Kris.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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