Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Goal Update

Time for my end of the month goal update.

1.  Hopefully my sewing mojo returns as sewing those tops is a goal for this month. Sewing mojo did not show up as of yet. I am going to blame it on an overly stuffed sewing room, which leaves me very little room to maneuver in. Hopefully this will be fixed very soon. 

2.  I want to continue knitting squares with bits and bobs of inherited yarn and yarn leftover from other projects. Hoping to get a blanket or two made.  I finished two blankets this month and am half way through a third. All with leftover yarn from other projects.

3.  Finish another inherited cross stitch kit. The one I pulled out should compliment the lilies and look good as a cushion also.  I did finish another inherited cross stitch kit, just not the first one I pulled out to complete. Fact is I gathered that all together and put it in the donation bag. I am about 1/2 way through a second inherited kit.

4.  Continue Project Declutter. Project Declutter is moving along. This month saw another 48 items packaged up to leave the house. This isn't counting all the leftover yarn I have used up, or the cross stitch kits. The total so far for this year has reached 325 items. I may just manage to reach another thousand items this year.... Mind you it is getting more difficult to find items.

5.  I would like to have 20 no spend days this month.  This month I managed to have 21 no spend days. Mind you the miserable weather a few days helped with this total.

Now on to the trying to cut costs this year goal. We were under for many budget lines, my allowance, clothing, gas, fuel for the vehicles, house maintenance, clothing and computer supplies to name a few. However we were over on electrical and groceries just as I had thought we would be. I need to do more work on those darn budget lines.

The good thing is for overall budget for the month we managed to come in under by.... $186.00.  Lets see how well I can manage to hold the line next month.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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