Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Question Answered

DW asked how the chair backpacks worked. I honestly had thought I had posted a picture, but I guess I hadn't. So here is a photo of how they work.

There is a pocket that goes over the top of the chair and the other pocket is available for the children to put papers, books and other items in.

I put them on the chairs while the teacher and students were having their class meeting, and when they noticed them the students were so happy. This has cleaned up the floor in our room a great deal. I even got hugs from a few of the boys!

I spent the last few days sewing black curtains for the stage at school. I finished them at school today, the principal gave me the afternoon off (kind of) to sit in the library and get them finished. I think she plans on hanging them first thing tomorrow morning for the performance for the students in the afternoon. Sure hope they look good.

Now I can get back to work on my boxful of unfinished projects.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. God bless.


  1. What a clever idea, Jackie. I know my daughter Mandy, a 5th grade teacher would love this idea and I plan to pass it on to her.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my place tonight. I have a great book that gives extraordinary uses for simple household things, and I knew a lot of the things you could do with apples, but the salt thing surprised me too.

    Thanks again for visiting me.

  2. Jackie those are such a good idea. Hey have you ever made something like that but it goes on the side of your bed, it tucks underneath the mattress and then there's a place for a book and glasses? I don't have one I have just seen them.OH~~~~ I know 14 days. I just made my reservation today. We will be stay and the state line and our room is only $6.00 a night it came to $7.29 with tax. I thought to myself the Lord is in this 100% ( he knows my budget )

  3. So clever~ and just perfect for the classroom & more!

    Your sewing talents amaze me! I also love the sew, but usually make just simple items. I do LOVE fabric---way too much.


  4. Hi, Jackie,
    Sorry I've not been here for many blogs and so little time.
    Looks like you;ve been busy, sewing...cute backpacks for the chairs.

  5. Oh, that's very cool! I can see how that would have all kinds of uses both in and out of school.
    Great job. Hope the curtains came out well!

  6. Jackie, the backpacks are great! I like the big pockets....perfect for lots of things and helps to keep the classroom tidy. You are sure talented with a needle...hugs, Linda

  7. That is a great idea.. I like things in their place and this is a great way to do that.


  8. Jackie,

    This is a perfect idea. Brandon would do well with one of these. He is a big boy with a small desk. Do you mind if I use your idea?

    Glad they were a big hit with the class. Hope things are going well with your special student.


  9. Happy Valentine's Day, Jackie. I'm thinking you might be on your trip...if you are I hope you are having a blast...hugs, Linda