Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holidays and Working

It is the second day of my three days off this week and I am enjoying it immensely. The first day was spent cleaning things that don't often get cleaned as good as I would like and today I spent in the sewing room getting caught up with a few gifts. Tomorrow will see me spending some more time in there doing mending and starting a few more gifts if at all possible.

This is what I finished off today after my visit to my favorite place. NOT!!

I managed to finish off two long table runners and 4 shorter ones. I have enough of the blue fabric left to make some pot holders and I think that I will do that tomorrow while the sun is shining. I always find it easier to sew during the day than at night when there is no sun shine.

Now on to where I went this morning. A week or so ago I lost a filling in my front tooth (one of the oldest in my mouth) and so visited the dentist. I had a feeling that this would mean another root canal and crown. I was right, and so I am sending the paperwork into Harvey's insurance company to see how much, if anything they will pay. It will take a couple of weeks at least. Whew, a bit of a respite. However I did get a cleaning and the dentist found another filling that had cracked, so I will be back in the chair on the 19th of this month to get that fixed.

Well off to visit you all now. Hope the coffee is ready.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Keeping our teeth is just an endless expensive project, isn't it? After having several expensive things done that turned out to be unnecessary and problematic I am now turning to second opinions. It's amazing how much dentists differ in their opinions of what is needed. If the second dentist agrees that it needs to be done, I have paid a little more, but feel a lot more confident about having the procedure done.

    I hope your experiences are all on the pleasanter end of the dental spectrum. : ) Good luck with the insurance.


  2. Oh, sorry about the root canal .. but maybe you can get it done before Christmas.

    The runners are nice .. know what you mean about sewing during the day!

  3. Eeeeeekkkkk you said the D word!!! lol I'm petrified of the dentist and like I told mine, "it's nothing personal but I really don't like coming here!" lol I've never had a root canal but I've heard they're not very pleasant.

    Glad you've been enjoying your week off and I love the table runners you've made, very pretty!! xoxo

  4. Your table runners turned out beautiful! They will make great gifts. So sorry about the dentist though. It's something that I've been putting off for months. I hate the dentist!

  5. Sorry about the deleted posts above. Somehow it locked up and kept posting the same one 3 times!

  6. Jackie, I don't mind going to the dentist for a cleaning, but I cringe when they find a problem. I have only had to have one crown so far but I have about 6 big molars that have huge fillings in them and if they ever crack or need replacing---I'll have to get crowns on them. Yuk! Our insurance only pays for half the price so I think it's like $350 for our part.

  7. You have been busy...love the fabric for the table runners.

    The dentist is not my favorite place either....each time I go for a check up I keep my fingers crossed all will be well...hugs, Linda