Monday, November 23, 2009

Time Slipping By

The days are slipping by so very quickly. Soon Christmas will be upon us and I have so much to do yet.

I haven't even started to decorate as of yet.....Perhaps this coming weekend when Harvey is watching the Grey Cup game I can start.

It isn't like I have been doing nothing. I am finished Kurts sweater, just have to sew it together (hopefully tonight) and I have started Harveys gift. I have also been straightening up the sewing/craft room and using up some of my fabric stash making some skirts.

Here is a picture of three skirts that I have completed. I still have two more to hem. I think I am on a plaid kick as the two I have left are plaids as well.

Off to visit all of you, hope the coffee is on.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You've been so busy lately! I think plaid is so pretty, and one of my favorites for skirts.
    I decorated for Christmas early this year because of a Realtor's Tea coming up soon. It feels kind of funny to have it done, but I like it, and might continue to decorate early from now on! ;o)
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Girl, I sure know what you mean.I haven't done the first thing. I always have everything done by now.
    This year is so hard on me. I sure hope you get things done.
    Happy holidays

  3. I love plaids and the skirts you made look so lovely! I know what you mean about time slipping by so fast. I've actually got a lot done already but still have more to do, including the baking, shopping and putting up the Christmas tree. I've got the house all decorated but with wanting a real tree again this year, it's too early to get one yet. At least I have my fruit cake, meatpies and chocolates all done:-) xoxo

  4. Jackie, your skirts look great. I've always liked plaid and theses all have such a pretty pattern.
    I'll be doing some Christmas decorating this weekend too...hugs, Linda

  5. You have been a busy lady! The skirts look good. You will post a picture of Kurt's sweater?

  6. Jackie,

    I'm not sure where you find all the time to sew, but suspect it is therapeutic for you. Grandma found it to be and so does Mom. Your skirts are very nice. I had a blue and green plaid skirt when I went to high school and also a black and white one. Thanks for the memories.


  7. I think we're partners at Mary's book swap. Please give me some ideas of your interests.
    Mama Bear

  8. The skirts look great! Did you get to decorate this weekend? If you did you know we will want to see pictures!!!

  9. I just LOVE plaid skirts with dark tights,and a warm oversized turtleneck! You are very talented!