Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eye Candy

My idea of eye candy is yarn and of course knitting magazines or books. Yesterday while shopping what met my eyes but three new spring knitting magazines. Did I need them?.....No...But did I want them?....Yes.

Sometimes I indulge my wants, and this was one time that I did. It isn't like I don't have hundreds of knitting pattern free from on line, or lots of other magazines with patterns to chose from, but something called me to pick these up.

Look what I found inside.

This pretty sweater that would just be perfect to wear with some leggings in the spring.

This lovely sweater that can be worn with most of what I wear to work. It should keep the chill off. However I don't know why the photo is sideways. Oh well blogger must be doing something strange once again.

Something to do with the scraps of yarn leftover. I think these napking rings are so much fun and a much nicer way to use up said scraps than multistriped scarves or hats.

Well off to visit you all.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. Those napkin rings are adorable!
    My late mom was like that ... she always was picking up crochet and quilting patterns.

  2. I think your magazines are filled with great ideas! We have to continually stimulate the brain with these magazines and stuff :) I think those napkin rings are too sweet. Wish I knew how to knit.

  3. You're like me with magazines but me it's cooking magazines instead of knitting magazines! lol I don't need them but can never resist them. xoxo

  4. We all have to indulge our 'wants' every now and then! Happy knitting!

  5. Cool stuff.. just wished I could do it.

  6. My grandma always knew some way to use up leftover scraps of just about anything. I think she would have loved to make those napkin rings. Maybe I'll try those, too! You sound like me in that I love magazines. I could buy up about 20 of them, if I allowed myself. I like knitting ones, crochet ones, decorating ones, oh the list goes on and on. ;o)