Monday, February 22, 2010

A Glimpse

Thought that I would share a glimpse of my embroidery project.

This is one corner of the tablecloth. I have realized that I just can't work on it in the evening due to the bad lighting in my livingroom. I do work on it in front of the window while the sun is shining. Whew what a lot of work.

This is the next section that I started. I hope to have this little side flower done by the end of Wednesday. We will see.

When it gets too dark to thread my needle, I pull out a knitting project. This is going to be a U necked vest. It is made out of Soy and boy is it soft. Should add some more colour to my mainly black, brown and grey wardrobe.

Well off to visit everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. Hi Jackie, how pretty your tablecoth is, it's beginning to bloom with beautiful flowers....what a wonderful keepsake it's going to be.

    I loved all the knitting many pretty project...I really like your latest. Beautiful Spring color for your vest and the yarn looks so lush....enjoy your projects...hugs, Linda

  2. Jackie, I love your embroidery project. I can't embroidery or knit any more. I had neck injury in '88 and in recent years cannot put my head down for long. I really miss it.

    Have a great week, my friend.

  3. You tablecloth is going to be just lovely. I hope you'll show it completed! Your stitches are so neat.
    I just felt the soy yarn at the store the other day, and I couldn't believe how soft it was, either. Only, I didn't have a project to use it on, so I didn't buy it. I love the colors in your soon to be vest.

  4. Hi Jackie,
    I love the embroidery you are doing.... It is so nice to see these arts being done. My Mom did beautiful embroidery and I have a few of her pieces.
    Now that I am trying to do crazy quilting, I am trying to get the hang of the art as it is important factor for the crazy patch...
    I know what you mean about the evening light being poor to work by.
    I have the same problem and NEVER try to work on black at nite even knitting is hard to do if it is black..Your color you are knitting is gorgeous.. Reminds me of summer!! where ever that is!!!! haha
    Never a dull moment!

  5. Loooove the tablecloth, Jackie! Kindhearted

  6. Jackie,

    Your tablecloth is coming to life! It is so, so pretty. You are so talented.. I can't even imagine being able to knit clothing.

  7. Jackie, The tablecloth is going to be so beautiful!! It was so nice chatting on line with you the other day. I get in a hurry and type SO~~~bad, thanks for putting up with it. For some reason I feel I have to hurry when I'm typing live like that. Other than I new I had to wake up my granddaughter to take her to her dads work. I hope your having a wonderful week so far.

  8. Jackie, your tablecloth is absolutely beautiful. You do such fine work.

  9. Hi Jackie....haven't seen you in awhile....hope all is well and you are just busy.
    Happy Saint Pat's Day..hugs, Linda

  10. Haven't heard from you in some time. I hope all is well.