Friday, February 8, 2013

Balanced Budget

When Harvey retired in April of last year he made up a spread sheet budget for us to follow. Since he has never really looked after paying bills or saving money once we were married (he never worried about it at all before we were married), it was an eye opener for him.

He didn't realize the water bill came 6 times a year or that grocery prices have been rising for awhile now. Poor boy got quite a shock!!!

Needless to say he learned this factoid very quickly..........

Now Harvey saves all his bills, looks for items at the best possible price and is actually enjoying the hunt.

I don't want him to get so wrapped up in not spending that he doesn't enjoy his hobbies any longer. So I have told him that it is best not to spend so much time searching. After all his time is worth something too (not to mention the fuel usage!!).

I think we might have found the perfect middle ground. We are back to letting me watch the bills, and cut where ever I can without causing us undue difficulty. Over the next year I am going to show him how even small savings can add up to big savings.

After all we want to enjoy our retirement, not worry ourselves sick.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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