Friday, October 18, 2013

Finally Done!!!

I have spent the last week when I have not been working (called in 3 of the 4 work days this week) getting the harvest in.

The last of the frozen carrots.
These last 15 bags now reside in our freezer.

The bigger carrots that were not very attractive, or too large to slice were grated for carrot cake and carrot muffins this winter. These are the last 6 bags.
I have a few carrots left that I am going to slice and try drying for use in soup this winter. I don't want to waste a single bit of our harvest!!

I am finding it more and more difficult to give up my independence from the work day world. I really like being able to say "No" when I am asked to work (even though the Catholic guilt comes to the fore every so often). I am pretty sure that my subbing days are coming to an end, or at least to an end when I am not booked ahead of time. This phoning in the morning is making me change my plans a bit more than I want to. Do we need the money? Not really. Do I need to get out and be with adults other than Harvey? I already have friends I can visit for coffee and belong to a few clubs so that gives me adult company. I think my reasons for working are being over run by my reasons for being retired. I like being retired and having my days and evenings to do as I wish!!

Everybody have a wonderful evening (I will post more pictures of our trip tomorrow).

God bless.


  1. I dehydrated a lot of carrots this year. They are great for tossing into soups and I am going to try making carrot cake with the dried shredded carrots.

  2. Good idea on shredding the carrots! It will be nice to have them when you're ready to bake.

    Don't blame you on the subbing; I look forward to the day when I can control my own schedule!