Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Tid Bits

It is getting close to the end of another week and that brings us even closer to Christmas! I am working like mad on the second afghan and hopefully will have it finished and the last one started by the middle of next week. I sometimes wonder why on earth I wait so long to get started on my handmade gifts. Every year I say I will start sooner and every year I procrastinate.

This week I have been saving lots of money and trying not to waste anything.

I made a lovely stew and we had two great meals from it. I still have a container in the freezer for a night I don't feel like cooking.

Then one night I took the leftover chicken, the leftover roast potatoes, and the leftover veggies. Mixed them all together and put them in a pie crust. I took the drippings from the roast chicken and made a nice thick gravy (why on earth would I make gravy for our first meal, I always plan on doing so and then forget). I poured the gravy over the chicken and veggies in the crust. Slapped a second crust on top and made a lovely pie. We finished this tonight as I had a meeting to attend at the church and it was something Harvey could eat while I was gone.

This is a picture of the pie the first night.

No waste and two more lovely meals.

This has played havoc with my menu plans, but moving things around I should still be okay. In fact more than okay as I will have two extra meals this month.

This Saturday we are heading into Regina. I figured we better get there and get stocked up on items we can not get here in Estevan (fabric, certain woods for Harvey, cheaper light bulbs, embroidery floss, and machine embroidery thread to name a few), before the weather changes for the worst. We will spend the day shopping and then have supper with Kris. It will be a priceless day being together and having fun (well I will be having fun, not too sure about the boys).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Okay...I'm drooling on my keyboard. It sure looks yummy! I have only made a savory pie once in my life. I may just have to try it again! Have fun shopping!