Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saving Happening Today

Today has been a slow, pain filled day. My fibro has been acting up and slow, even stretches and walking did not help a whole lot. A bit, but not as much as I would have liked.

I have been busy knitting (finished Kurt's afghan and have started Kris's in the evenings) and curling up on a chair to spend most of the afternoon reading. Sure hope that tomorrow the headache is gone and the pain has lessened. I got a call to work and since it is for a good friend I am doing the sub job. Money coming in is always a good thing.

I did go out for a bit this afternoon. Our CWL Rummage Sale was on and I went to look for some sewing supplies.

I got a Christmas table cloth that I can cut up into useable material for ornaments or gift bags.

I am leaning towards reusable bags as my other gift bags are getting a bit worn.

I also picked up this lovely robin egg blue knit. I think it will make a lovely spring skirt.

I have just over 3 meters which is more than enough for the pattern I have in mind.

This brown with what almost looks like spiked balloons on it I plan on making a dress out of.

I have just over 4 meters of this fabric.

Lastly I picked up this.

There is only one meter of this, but I should be able to get a tank top out of it.

I got all this fabric for a grand total of $5.00. Not too bad really as to buy new would be at least 5 times that cost. 

I did not post my weekly menus as I am busy trying to use up items in the fridge. Tonight I made Baked Rigatoni using up the leftover pasta from a couple of nights ago. Why is it that using up leftovers always seems to mean there are even more leftovers to "use up"? Oh well stretching what we eat makes me feel as if I am accomplishing something towards our finances.
It actually turned out quite good, except it was way more than we could eat for one meal. I made a TV type meal for Kris and the rest of the leftovers will be a couple of lunches.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I like the material. You definitely got some good deals.