Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past few days have seen me finishing off a few sewing projects that I had started awhile ago.

First was this tunic top, made with fabric I bought at a church rummage sale. I added the lace around the bottom of the sleeves and the next one I make (also from fabric bought at a church rummage sale) I plan on adding some to fill in the neckline a little bit.

Then I moved on to finally making my new bathrobe. I bought this material months ago but just did not seem to want to get started on it. Now it is done and I wonder why I procrastinated so much. It is so warm and cuddly and the hood will keep my head warm after I wash my hair in the evening.

Now I am going to start on a few Christmas gifts for Kurt, Kris and Harvey. I have a fairly large piece of knit material and I figure there should be enough to make each of them pj pants. Part of another gift done (well done by the end of the week I hope).

The garden is being harvested slowly but surely. Today was spend processing carrots, tomatoes and peppers for the freezer. I may be doing a few more bags of tomatoes tomorrow.

Here is the start of the tomatoes and peppers. There will be a many more freezer bags before I am done.

The start of the 5 gallon bucket that Harvey brought into the house this morning. I ended up getting 25 packages done. Now another 20 or so and I should have enough for this winter. I will then grate some for cake, loaves and muffins for the winter.

I just love a well stocked freezer. Don't have to worry so much about the rising prices in the grocery stores. This makes staying on the old budget much easier.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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