Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rainy Saturday

Today started out to be like this.

Waves of rain kept coming all day. A few times we thought it was actually clearing, but that was a lie. Usually a down pour started within a few minutes of it seemingly clearing. Right now we are not getting rain, but I see dark clouds coming in again.

It was once again the perfect day to get some baking done.

First off I pulled out the bread machine and made a loaf of bread.

Then I moved on to something a bit sweeter, chocolate cake. Still have to ice one of them.

I made two of these and one is residing in our freezer right now. The other I will ice and we will have it as dessert this week. Or better yet just something to snack on.

Next I pulled out some frozen pie fillings, both apple and cherry. I moved on to baking some crisps.

First the apple.

And then the cherry.

These are all residing in our freezer and will be sweet treats throughout the summer.

By this time I was so very tired out from all the baking that I decided to spend some time knitting. Got another part of the silent auction items done.

I have now started the last of the items we are donating. Whew, soon I will be finished with that project and can mark "Silent Auction Items" off my to do list.

I will be moving on to a project that is not as happy but dear to my heart. A dear and wonderful friend of mine is losing her mother to cancer. I want to go through my yarn stash and knit a prayer shawl for her mom (the mom is a friend as well). I do hope I have something suitable.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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