Tuesday, September 30, 2014

End Of The Month Update and Bloggy Give Away

It is the end of another month and time to update everyone on my goals...... How did I do? Well here goes.

1. Sew the top I have cut out...... This has been on my list for the last couple of months. Done, barely, but still done. I finished it yesterday.

2. Cut out a coat and start sewing it. The pattern is cut out of the main fabric, I have been procrastinating cutting the interfacing and transferring the markings.... I was going to start sewing it today, but I read, threaded my machine, had a cup of hot chocolate, got the interfacing out, read for a bit, worked on my cross stitch, and had a nap. Does anyone see a pattern here?

3. Continue with the rug project. This is slowly but surely growing and will be ready for Kris for Christmas. Managing to keep up with this every night. Two nights making cord and then the next night sewing the cord on. Still keeping up with it.

4. Continue with the cross stitch project and when (if I manage to get it done before the end of the month) done start on the second unfinished cross stitch project. This is being worked on when the weather allows. Lighting is not great on those dark and dreary rain days. We have had many of them this past week, including today.

5. Plan out the quilt for our bedroom. Did this, I planned out the individual blocks just need to figure out the colours for the borders and the colours around the blocks.

6. Freeze at least 24 bags of tomatoes for use this winter. Done, might make a few more as I still have ripening tomatoes.

7. Make and freeze cabbage rolls. Project done. I may make some Lazy Cabbage Rolls a bit later.

8 Make and freeze cabbage bread. Done, not as many as usual due to some strange circumstances so when these run out I will be making some more (at least another 4 or 5 dozen).

This is what today has been like.
Rain and more rain, at sometimes very heavy. Not really conducive to making me want to work. I just wanted to curl up with a book, a mug of hot chocolate and spend part of the afternoon doing absolutely nothing.

Which I did for as long as possible.

I even made pie crust and two lovely quiche for supper.

One quiche.....

Two quiche (this one is going in the freezer).

As I said trying to waste time so I could not sew. I think I managed that quite well.

Now on to my Bloggy Give A Way.

Joyce please email me your address and the blue scarf will be winging its way to you. Mind you considering the length of time it takes to mail something from Canada anywhere it could take as long as a snail to reach you.

Shawn and Red Robin since you both like the green scarf I decided to have 3 scarves to give away. I had another ball of the green yarn and will have two of these to give away. Please email me your snail mail addresses, one scarf will be going out immediately, the other will follow in a few days.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.



  1. I sent you my address. Let me know if you get it. I sent it from my work email and sometimes it goes into cyberspace. Thanks
    Red Robin

  2. Red Robin, I got your address. Thanks for being so prompt.

    God bless.

  3. Thank you Jackie! I have just forwarded you an email. Shawn