Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mid Month Update

 Thought I would bring you up to date on how I am doing with my goals this month.

 1. Sew the top I have cut out...... This has been on my list for the last couple of months. Not done as of yet. Hopefully very soon as I have all the markings transferred.

2. Cut out a coat and start sewing it. The fabric is being washed and ironed tomorrow and then I can lay out the pattern.

3. Continue with the rug project. This is slowly but surely growing and will be ready for Kris for Christmas. Managing to keep up with this every night. Two nights making cord and then the next night sewing the cord on.

4. Continue with the cross stitch project and when (if I manage to get it done before the end of the month) done start on the second unfinished cross stitch project. This has fallen behind a bit due to my subbing in the school for the last two weeks. I have managed to work on it a bit however on the weekends. Hoping to get more done now that my days of work are drawing to an end.

5. Plan out the quilt for our bedroom. Not done yet, hopefully I will get started on this next week.

6. Freeze at least 24 bags of tomatoes for use this winter. Done, might make a few more as I still have ripening tomatoes.

7. Make and freeze cabbage rolls. Plan on doing these this weekend.

8 Make and freeze cabbage bread. Not done as of yet, but probably will get those done the next weekend (Sept. 27).

This working thing is causing havoc with my goals this month. Keep your fingers crossed that I manage to keep going and not get side tracked with another project (like the other quilt I want to make).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless. 

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  1. That working thing does mess up a schedule, doesn't it :) Though I'm finding that general chores can take up a whole day.