Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Ramblings

Today our Gospel reading was the Prodigal Son. Father Brian said that we were to focus on the father and his forgiveness of his son. That both sons were separated from their father physically (in one case), emotionally and spiritually much like we are separated from God at times. We need to focus on how God loves us and always will love us.

I took a few pictures of my stock up shopping.

I got all this material for at least 50% off. The first one is a knit fabric that I plan on making another skirt from. The second is a cotton that just may become a dress for summer, and the third is a stretch corduroy that eventually will turn into a jacket and skirt. The thread was all buy one get one free. Not too bad for my first stop.

My next stop was Micheal's and I managed to get all these balls of yarn for $1.00 each. Should keep me out of trouble for awhile. The embroidery floss was full price, but considering I can not buy DMC floss here in town, and Coates is twice as expensive here I did manage to save a bit.

Pork chops and chicken divided up into meal sized portions and vacuum sealed for the freezer.

A whole pork loin cut into three roasts and a rather large beef roast made into two roasts. Sealed in Zip Lock bags and ready for the freezer.

I seem to have missed taking a picture of the ground meat, sausages, and salmon that were portioned out into meal sized vacuum bags. Oh well, perhaps I will keep the camera a bit handier next time.

The dratted embroidered quilt. I have managed to get a bit more done. I still have the eye of the rabbit to back stitch and the back stitching on the yellow ribbons but I do see an end in sight. I am so thankful that a few more days of work should see it all finished and put away until I get a name to embroider in one block.

I picked up a day of subbing this week so this project may take a bit longer than I hoped. Yet it will be completed and I can move on to something else.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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