Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Ramblings

Palm Sunday, the day we begin to read the Passion at Mass. We will read this once again on Good Friday.

Father Brian does things a bit differently than the priests that preceded him in the parish. We had no procession into the church proper waving palms, the blessing of the palms did not include him walking up and down the aisles of the church sprinkling Holy Water, and he did not give a homily after the reading of the Passion. Each year things seem to change a bit more.

We set up the basement of the church with chairs and and spent a bit of money adding screens and speakers so we can transmit the Mass downstairs. This is for the overflow that people think is occurring. We have a great many Filipinos in our community and for some very strange reason they seem to want to stand at the back of the church on the steps leading from the front doors. Father Brian thought if we had a place in the basement, where the young ones could play this would stop. It doesn't seem like it will. Today was the first day of the overflow (as Father calls it, I don't understand this considering there is lots of room in the church proper still) and gazing at the back of the church and the front entrance I noticed it crowded with our Filipino parishioners. Hmmm, I don't think this is going to work until we can convince them that the basement is actually part of the church proper.

I will be missing the Tridium in our Parish this year as we will be traveling. I am hoping to be able to attend Good Friday in Regina, and Easter Vigil in Spain, it all depends on timing. I really do hate missing the most important celebration in my Church's calendar, but I am sure God will forgive me.

We are getting more and more excited about our journey. Harvey has been doing research into the cities we will be visiting. He is going to keep me informed of what he learns (at least I hope he is). Both of us are excited about seeing Fatima on this trip. I wonder if I will have that same unworldly experience that I had when I saw Pope John Paul II at World Youth Day in Toronto. Things got so very quiet and all I could see or hear was Pope John Paul II. There was a feeling of utter peace as he drove by.

The remainder of the day after Mass has been spent doing a bit of extra cleaning, knitting, and watching Call The Midwife. I actually finished Season 4, which leaves me one more season to watch. I am pretty sure that I can finish it before we leave.

Tomorrow will be a busy one. I have my regular household chores, as well as extra cleaning. I am bound and determined to have the house spotless when we leave. I want to come home to a clean house and I want to leave a clean house for my friend who will be looking after our cat.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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