Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mid Month Update

Time for my mid month update on goals and decluttering.

1.  Finish the quilt even if it bores me to no end.  Done

2.  Make the quilt blocks necessary to start my bed quilt.  Working on.

3.  Make a packing list for our trip.  Done

4.  Have 14 no spend days before we leave on our trip.  I am up to 12 no spend days as of today. I should be able to meet this goal very soon.

Project declutter has only had 5 items leaving the house. However, I have wrangled together all the cords in my computer desk into a large zip lock (I need Kris to go through them and help me chose what I need to keep and what I can rid the house of). I went through the paper drawer and managed to get rid of some old computer paper, some old duotangs that were no longer usable, and some cards I never realized we had from many Christmas's ago. I also managed to clean the bottom of the hall closet. Gave it a good sweeping and a lovely scrubbing down.

I do hope to get a few more items out of the house and things a bit more organized before we leave. After all who wants someone coming into an unorganized house to look after their cat.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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