Thursday, March 3, 2016

Things are slowly getting more spring like here in the southeast corner of my province. This morning we heard the sound of a woodpecker in the trees behind us. Harvey went to get his camera, but by the time he returned Mr. Woodpecker had decided it was time to leave. We have never heard a woodpecker this early in the season, and we have not seen any robins yet (they are the first to usually arrive). Our weather has been so strange this winter I think even the animals and birds are a bit confused.

I paid my 6 months visit to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and found out I have some areas of concern. Now the dental hygienist is talking about dental implants!!!! Scary thought, but one I suppose we need to talk over. As Harvey says he can not make the call, but he wants me to have a quality of life if anything happens. Guess we will need to put money aside for this purpose as well. Just trying to figure out why these things happen after retirement.

Our travel itinerary was in so on the way home from the dentist I managed to nip in and pick that up as well. In three weeks we will be on our way, so looking forward to the time to just be with no cooking and no bed making. Those things alone make taking a trip worthwhile.

Still working away at my embroidery project, but I do see an end in sight. It will be nice to set it aside and work on my quilt blocks until we leave.

This Saturday we will be heading up to Regina for some shopping. Harvey wants to get a wine kit or two, and I have a list made up for Micheal's, Home Outfitters, Fabric Land, and of course Costco. We will be picking Kris up and make it a day of bonding and a lovely meal out at the end.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless. 


  1. I sympathise with your situation regarding the dental treatment. It is just so expensive and more especially if the expense occurs after retirement. Good luck with making your decision.

  2. Jackie, sorry you are having this problem arise now. I know implants are not cheap, but they can be worth it. Justin was born without two secondary teeth and one or two wisdom teeth. I can't remember now. Apparently it is a trait that runs in my mom's family as my cousin still has two baby teeth in her mouth because there were no secondary teeth to push them out. We would have been happy if that was the case with Justin. Unfortunately his teeth were attached to the bone so as he got older they began to sink into his gums. He had them pulled and implants put in their place. He said he very rarely even remembers that they are not his natural teeth. If the need ever arose I would definitely have implants. It is just a shame that this occured AFTER your retirement!