Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Latest Text Messages From Our Youngest

Two nights ago my phone went off with a text message from Kris.

This is our conversation.

Kris: Damn it. The pigeons are back and I didn't notice right away. Now the eggs they laid have already hatched. :(
          Baby pigeons.
          are kind of cute.

Me: Crap. What are you going to do?
       Guess you could destroy the nest and babies. But that would be mean.

Kris: Sigh. I moved my bags of cans outside and they built the nest nestled in the corner so I could see them. Noticed all the ##&@ when I went out to BBQ tonight. I will think on it tonight but am leaning towards destroying the nest/babies.
         Maybe they'll get the message if I do that.

Me: You do need to get rid of them somehow. Too bad you didn't notice before.

Kris: Yep....feel a lot less guilty about just destroying the eggs.

Me: Are Mom and Dad flying around you when you are outside.

Kris: No they scatter as soon as they see me.

Me: Just one pair then. Hopefully you can touch the nest without them attacking you.
       Let us know how it goes.

The conversation ended with him saying he was going to get rid of them yesterday night.......

Got a text yesterday saying he had to work late so would take care of it tonight and would phone when the deed was done.

Phone call came tonight just after we finished supper. Kris had just finished his supper and said that he would be taking care of his bird problem tonight......

Wonder what his next message to me will be.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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