Monday, July 25, 2016

Menu Monday

It is a bit late, but since we just started supper prep thought I would get this posted.

A bit of a switch up already as I had forgotten to take stew meat out of the freezer to thaw last night.


BBQ Hamburgers, cucumber spears, and some pasta (Harvey always likes some carbs when he eats).


Beef Stew made in the slow cooker.


Pulling out another bag of leftover ham to be made into something.


Clean out the fridge night. Since Kris is coming home to help move thing out of the basement, and to do some basement demolition this will work out perfectly. (Must get his room cleared out before he gets home).


Tuna Pasta Salad. Not Kris's favorite meal, but hopefully he will enjoy it.


Pork Ribs in the slow cooker, rice and a big salad.


Roast Chicken (must remember to pick one up this week while shopping), salad, potatoes and probably green or yellow beans.

The PDAP  (Provincial Disaster Assistance Program) people are coming Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully we can get a little bit from this. If not we are on our own.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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