Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More Flood Pictures

I think my internet and blogger will actually cooperate.

We are hoping that once the electronics dry they will still work. We did try Harvey's laptop charger today and it seems to be working, or at least it charged the battery.

The water stayed well below the bottom of the treadmill, so we are pretty sure that will work.

The water build up in the library/office and spare bedroom.

The water reaching up the old record making machine my Dad had.

We did manage to keep the water below the level that would cause damage to our freezers, washer and dryer.
After a night of pumping out the water.

Just before the water build up got really bad by my bookcases. The books are all fine, just not sure how well the bottom wood on the bookcases is. Hoping it is not too bad and we can salvage them.

Today saw a bit of a rest from clean up. We did start working on the office/library/bedroom, but later in the afternoon. The morning was spent picking in the veggie garden (peas and beans). I am now getting things snapped and podded.

Tomorrow I need to get some pictures of the dry wall, Harvey figures the water has soaked up about 4" so cutting 6 or so inches off should be the fix. The carpet is very heavy and waterlogged, and in dragging one batch out Harvey fell and skinned his arm and bruised his back. We are going to have to cut smaller pieces here.

Hopefully tomorrow will see an end to the carpet removal, and we can start on the walls on Friday.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Thank goodness you can salvage most things.

  2. I'm happy your books were salvaged. I lost almost all of mine. I did, however, manage to save my really special I am thankful.