Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

Not too sure if we are being thrifty this past week, but we are trying.

Some sheets have been torn up into rags, and some blankets put away to be used as the core of quilt sandwiches later on.

We are planning a shopping trip for insurance when we come back from our holidays. Harvey plans on taking the property insurance from SGI and searching for options that will save us a bit of cash. Better in our pockets than in the governments/insurance companies pockets. I have been asking neighbours and such who their insurer is and getting quotes from them, Harvey has been going on line and using those companies calculators.

I have been rinsing out dish soap containers to get a couple of more dish washings out of them.

Did some sock darning one evening, and I have a pillow to mend.

We took a break today after hauling two loads to the storage place and went to watch the air show at our airport. It was nice just to sit back and relax for a bit. The Snowbirds did an awesome job as usual.

Then since it was late we grabbed a bite to eat on the way home, the slow cooker with stew was cooled down and placed in the fridge. We will be having that for supper tomorrow. We took our own water, and chairs but it did cost us a bit to get onto the airport grounds. Still it was less money than going out for a dinner in one of our eating establishments.

Tomorrow we have the gentleman from PDAP coming in the afternoon, and the construction company to see if they can fix the cement walls in the basement. I will continue to drop off books at the two second hand stores and I plan on taking some to the library.... There are a few that needed to be put in the recycle bin.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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