Friday, November 25, 2016

Frugal Friday

Oh my, it is the last Friday of the month meaning Christmas is just around the corner. Time to seriously get down to baking, mailing, and getting ready for our sons to arrive.

We still do not have the furnace vented to the new part of the house (I say new, but it is probably 40 years old). I am keeping my fingers crossed that this gets completed very soon.

On to my frugal five for the week.

1.  On my walks this week I have been lucky enough to find $0.75 lying on the ground. There was a time I would find this amount in one day. I think people are being a bit more careful when it comes to their change.

2.  Found some fabric to make a couple of pillow cases for the oversized pillow on my side of the bed. Those will be whipped up tomorrow.

3.  Keeping drapes and blinds open on the sunny days. It is amazing how much heat the sun gives to the front of the house. Love having lower electric and gas bills.

4.  Stuck to my menu plan and my grocery list this week.

5.  Made a few household cleaners with what I have on hand in my cupboards.

6.  Still reading my frugal book looking for new ideas to add to my frugal habits.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. i spent way too much money this month...Christmas gifts and food for Thanksgiving...just about have my shopping done, tho.

  2. I must look at the pavement more often!