Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday Roundup

I am feeling much better today. Still not 100%, there is still something slightly off, I just don't know what is wrong as of yet. It might be the beginnings of a cold as I seem to be getting a stuffed nose, and am coughing a bit more.

So today I drank copious amounts of tea, stayed in as much as possible (even though the weather has been beautiful), and puttered around the house when I have felt up to it.

I finished "The Goldfinch" and am trying to decide what I should read next. I made a loaf of bread in the machine, and baked some cinnamon buns. While the cinnamon buns are not pretty to look at, I seem to have lost my touch rolling them up tightly, they are tasty. Good thing I made this practice batch before starting my Christmas baking.

I have done some knitting (need to accomplish some more), did a cleaning of the electric baseboards, and a little bit of decluttering. I actually found some of Kris's baseball cards at the top of one of the closets. I will be packing those up into a lovely container and sending them back with him the next time he comes home.

Hopefully by tomorrow what ever has made my get up and go, get up and gone will have worked its way through my system and I will be able to figure out some more tricks to cut expenses. We really do not have to worry about that as such, but it would be nice to get the budget cut back in certain areas once again. Prices keep rising and I am a bit worried about what will happen to the cost of living after the U.S. election if a certain crazy person is elected.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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