Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Roundup

It has been a quiet day here on the old homestead.

Harvey washed the windows on the outside, and I did some work on the pantry cupboard in the kitchen. I have a few sections left to do on this cupboard and then I will move on to another section. I am hoping to complete the pantry section tomorrow. Really all it needs is a good straightening out, and a washing down of the shelves. Easy peasy.

I spent a bit of time working on the cross stitch ornaments. I should be able to start backstitching the first one tomorrow afternoon. Then I will decide if I will finish it the way the directions say, or do something totally different.

This evening I decided it was time to finish a few of the knitting projects. Ends have be woven in on a few of the items in the basket.

The spa cloths I made from some rather strange new yarn I found. I am hoping these can take the place of my bath poufs. Probably much better as they can be thrown in the washer every week.

A new scarf for myself out of lovely shades of purple. This was made out of the Caron Jelly Roll/Cupcake yarn I picked up the last time we went on a stock up shop.

A pretty shades of pink shawl. I am hoping to wear this with my hot pink sheath dress once I find a proper belt.

Then being one to use up everything I can I made a Sour Cream Coffee Cake this afternoon.

You see I had a small amount of in a container of sour cream that needed to be used up, along with some cream that had got pushed to the back of the fridge (thank you Harvey) and had gone sour. I mixed the two and used them to make this lovely moist and filling cake.

Kept me from tossing some still useable ingredients and we got a lovely dessert for supper.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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